mirai powersports :: simply the best

High performance. Light weight. Reliable. What more can you want to power your ride? Use the above battery finder to track down the right battery for your application. Available in multiple form factors and capacities, we're guaranteed to have a battery in stock for you. Our batteries have undergone extensive testing under our research and development program that spanned over 5 years to bring you the most affordable lithium powersports battery on the market. These are not some home-brew battery packs made by some of our competitors, but serious batteries that can take a beating in cases designed to fit just about all OEM battery trays.

offroad led light bars :: now on mirai lights

Our company actually got its roots from LED luminaires prior to getting involved in green battery technology, and currently, our products are the top 3 listed products on the US Department of Energy's LED Lighting Facts under our division Above Lights. Combining our experience and know-how in developing commercial and industrial LED lighting systems have allowed us to bring highly efficient LED lighting fixtures at affordable prices. Click the above picture to visit the site.