most powerful, ultra reliable, lightweight batteries :: mirai batteries

Mirai Batteries was formed with the vision to bring you the latest in battery technologies to your vehicle. We strive to make high performance attainable with the latest processes from our many years of experience and knowledge gained from developing batteries for space and aviation applications, military use and for high-end portable communications devices.
The development of the Mirai MLP batteries started over six years ago, and been introduced to the market in 2011 as we waited to iron out issues and the high price tag associated with lithium batteries instead of bring an unfinished product to market as other companies have chose to do. Combined with our mass production manufacturing prowess, we bring you the best performance batteries at an affordable price point.
We welcome you to try and experience the future of batteries, a future free of lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances and made completely of recyclable materials. Our products are RoHS compliant and will easily outlast the best lead-based batteries when used under the same operating conditions.


offroad LED light bars :: mirai lights

Now in its eleventh year, our company actually got its roots from LED luminaires prior to getting involved in green battery technology, and currently, our products are the top 3 listed products on the US Department of Energy's LED Lighting Facts under our division Above Lights. Combining our experience and know-how in developing commercial and industrial LED lighting systems have allowed us to bring highly efficient LED lighting fixtures at affordable prices. Our commercial and industrial fixtures hold the world record for efficiency, something no other company in the lighting industry, much less, automotive and powersports industries can achieve.